**A Girl Can’t Have Too Many Planters!

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This article is from a fabulous blog Urban Gardens. You can visit their website for more inspiration at www.urbangardensweb.com

A Girl Can’t Have Too Many Planters

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Move over Manolo. The creator of  these repurposed stiletto planters, Berkeley, CA-based Rachel Mahlke of Giddy Spinster, said of her used/upcycled shoes, ”The concept is about hard-working women, the increasingly artificial nature of American femininity, and the impossible images that women face in our society.”

Amy Preiser of ShelterPop chatted with Mahlke about the artist’s inspiration and process. “It all goes back to my original creative process,” said Mahlke. “The mythology of beauty, and what is it to be a woman. I use Faith Whittlesey’s quote in my store: “Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.” It really just underlines how glamorous and grueling it is to be a woman.”

Hmm…what shall I plant in that old pair of boots? Gives new meaning to shoe tree.   

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